Booking Policies & Safety Measures

Despite the restrictions related to the pandemic, we aim to provide the same Old Bridge welcome and hospitality that you have come to expect in the past.

Obviously, things are a little different now, so here are some guidelines to give you a clear idea of what to expect. These will be updated as regulations change (again) and we adapt to them.



Restaurant tables can be booked 12-3pm and 6-8.30pm daily. We also take a few Full Afternoon Tea bookings at 3.30/4pm. Last orders are at 10pm and all non-residents must leave the building by 11pm.

Government regulations are for a maximum table size of 6, all from one household (or one bubble). If you book more than one table (for more than one household) we have to place those tables well apart, to avoid any mingling. We are obliged to stop any  ‘mingling’ of different households. (Stipulated exceptions to the one household rule include guests meeting for ‘work’ purposes; but guidelines state that the meeting has to have a purpose, rather than ‘simply socialising with work colleagues’).

All the regulations mean a serious reduction in capacity, so we have to be sure that bookings are firm. We  will therefore ask for an email address, to which we will send confirmation – if you haven’t received it be sure to contact us. We will also ask for credit card details, but we would only use them if you cancel or change numbers within 48 hours of the booking (when you would be charged £25 per person).

You are welcome to arrive early for a drink before your meal. However, please do arrive on time; if you are more than 15 minutes late, we may have to give the table away, should other guests be waiting.

We allow 2 hours per table, but you can of course stay longer if we have no further bookings.

And finally, for all restaurant bookings, we have a minimum spend of £18 per person.


We are open for walk-ins as usual, from 9am to 9pm daily. You are always welcome to have only teas, coffees, drinks etc. Our Lounge and Bar Menu is served from 12 noon to 9pm.

Everyone will be met on arrival, asked to give contact details, and taken to a table.

Once again government regulations are for a maximum table size of 6, all from one household (or one bubble) if sitting inside. However, you can meet people from other households outside. We have some covered outdoor space, and some more un-covered, so please do use them. But we have very limited heating so come with big coats and blankets to stay warm.

Regulations also insist you can only have alcohol ‘with a substantial meal’. So we are obliged to insist that you order food (and not just nibbles) if you are having drinks with us.

We cannot allow any standing in the hotel or on the patios.


All menus are online and updated as they change.

Sunday lunch is a fixed-price menu at £29.50 for 2 courses, £36 for 3. (6 choices at each course).

Sunday evening has the option of a steak night menu at £29 for 3 courses, £24 for 2. A choice of 3 or more steaks included. There are also a few A La Carte options available as well.



Our bedrooms are open for bookings as usual, by telephone or on the website.

We offer a ‘Dinner, Bed and Breakfast’ rate (as well as ‘Bed and Breakfast’) every night. And booking a ‘DBB’ is one way to ensure you will get a table in the restaurant!

Please remember when walking round the hotel, that Government guidelines state that guests should wear face masks at all times, when not sitting down.

Our meeting rooms are available to book, subject only to the government guidelines in place at the time (currently work meetings can take place for more than 6 people, as long as social distancing rules apply, appropriate to the work group involved).

We will of course have a stringent cleaning regime in place, and we aim to enforce social distancing guidelines. However, we would only encourage you to come and stay if you feel confident in doing so – there is no such thing as a completely risk-free hotel.



We are taking bookings as usual. We (and you) will simply have to follow the government guidelines that are in place when the event takes place.


Old Bridge Hotel Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Last updated 20th December 2020.

We have taken the time to carefully think about and plan our processes to deliver a safe experience at the The Old Bridge Hotel. This is a living document that will be continuously edited and updated as understanding of the virus improves, and government guidance changes.

We re-opened the hotel, after 5 months closure, on 26th August, and then again after the second lockdown, on 2nd December.


SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus that can invade a host via the respiratory route or via hand to eye / mouth / nose contact, causing the disease COVID-19.
People who appear healthy may be carrying and shedding the virus, which can be passed on either directly or indirectly to others. This means we need to assume that anyone could be carrying the virus.


Virus likely to be transmitted by:

  • Direct contact to face – eyes, nose from droplets or aerosols spraying from an infected person onto another person who is in close contact.
  • Contamination via droplets from sneezing and coughing landing on surfaces and then transferring via hands on to eyes and nose and mouth. Other means of secretions getting on to surfaces could be from infected people touching their eyes, nose and mouth and then touching surfaces with contaminated hands.
  • Contaminated hands of infected people can transfer the virus directly to others (e.g. handshakes) or on to hand contact surfaces which can be picked up by other people’s hands and transferred to their eyes, nose or mouth


The main controls are:

  • Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines
  • Disinfection and Hygiene
  • Following government guidelines

Social Distancing

All staff have been trained on social distancing at work from colleagues and guests using the government guidelines of 1 meter plus, with mitigation.

We have applied the following mitigations:

  • All guests will be met before entering the building and will be seated by the team to ensure a managed control of guests. There will be no physical greeting (e.g. handshaking).
  • If a queue forms, guests will be directed to areas where they can be at least 1m apart from other waiting guests.
  • Details will be taken for track-and-trace purposes.
  • Guests will be sat at tables at least a meter apart; unless ‘back to back’ seat positions mean that they can be closer.
  • Guests will be asked to stay sitting except when using the toilets.
  • Staff will be given an unambiguous message to staff to stay home when symptomatic, or if a member of their household is symptomatic, and to get tested to allow contact tracing of positive cases.
  • Face masks will be worn by guests, staff and outside contractors, in all public areas, except when seated.
  • Staff do have to work closely with colleagues during their shift, but we will attempt to ensure this is only done within small teams. Otherwise staff will stay at 1m+ from each other whenever possible.

Disinfection and Hygiene

There will be hand sanitiser stations for guests throughout the hotel. Guests will be asked to sanitise their hands on arriving.

All staff have been trained on hand washing and hand sanitising technique and cough/sneezing etiquette; not touching face.

There will be sanitisers in key areas for the staff (entrance; reception, bar, kitchen, staff toilets). All staff will always sanitise hands before and after key actions:

  • arrival at work.
    • preparation (of public areas; cleaning of bedrooms).
    • mis-en-place involving food or drinks.
    • service – food and drinks / clearing tables / handling luggage

We have applied the following extra mitigations:

  • regular cleaning of all touch contact points and objects, particularly credit card machines, tills and doorways (at exit/entrance and to the toilets).
  • food menus and wine/drinks list are available via a QR code, so you can view them on a smart-phone.
  • tablecloths will be changed after each use.
  • tables will be cleaned down after each use.
  • regular cleaning of toilets.
  • We will ‘fog’ public areas and bedrooms as necessary.

Government Guidelines

  • All guests will be expected to adhere to current government guidelines on gatherings. At the time of writing, bookings (except for weddings and work meetings) are limited to six people, from a single household or bubble. Current guidelines are summarised here.
  • All guests will be asked for their details for NHS Track and Trace purposes.
  • All staff have received a return to work induction including all new Covid-secure work procedures.


There will be a senior manager on duty 24/7, trained to monitor and oversee that the standards above are being adhered to.


Please remember that face masks are compulsory at all times when not sitting down, and please do take care to ‘socially distance’ from other guests. We ask that everyone treats each other with maximum respect – there are always people who are more anxious than you (or us) and we should give them the ‘space’ they would like.

We will review this document at the end of every month until the Covid-19 crisis is deemed not to be a threat to our customers or staff.