Booking Policies & Safety Measures – Spring and Summe 2022

We are delighted that government-imposed Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. However, for the moment, we will retain a few restrictive measures, to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable. We will review these policies as and when the national and local situation changes further.

We are continuing to restrict the numbers of guests to about 85% of our previous capacity.

All guests will be allocated a table, there will be no standing at the bar (although standing outside is of course allowed).

Neither guests nor staff will be asked to wear face masks, but any staff member who wishes to do so may. All staff will take a test at any sign of any symptom and will stay away from work for 5 days if testing positive.


Restaurant tables can be booked 12-3pm and 6-9pm daily. We also take a few Full Afternoon Tea bookings at 3.30/4pm.

We will ask for an email address, to which we will send confirmation – if you haven’t received it be sure to contact us. We will also ask for credit card details, but we would only use them if you cancel or change numbers within 48 hours of the booking (when you would be charged £25 per person).

We allow 2 hours per table, but you can of course stay longer if we have no further bookings.

For all restaurant bookings, there is a minimum (food) spend of £18 per person.

Please note that bookings of more than 10 will be split onto 2 or more tables; and will be offered our “4×4” menu, which is simply a slightly shorter version of our normal A La Carte menu – 4 starters, 4 mains and 4 sweets/cheese. We can show you the choices at least 4 days in advance.


We also take bookings for 3 tables on the patio, at 12.15pm and 6.15pm. We have 1 x 6, 1 x 4 and 1 x 2 (all next to the restaurant) that can be reserved.

These tables can only be booked by phone. Other conditions for restaurant bookings, as above, apply. But you can eat from both the restaurant and lounge / bar menus.

We can’t guarantee the weather and we only have a couple of small heaters, so please come dressed for the weather!


We are open for walk-ins as usual, from 9am daily. You are always welcome to have only teas, coffees, drinks etc. Our Lounge and Bar Menu is served from 12 noon to 9pm.

Everyone will be seated at a table. For the moment we are not allowing any standing at the bar.

We have lots of tables available and very rarely have to turn anyone away thus far; we will endeavour to find you space somewhere, but this may have to be outside when we are full.

We may ask you to vacate your table once you have finished your drinks or meal, should people be waiting to sit down.


All menus are updated on our website as they change.

For restaurant and reserved patio tables, there is a minimum food spend of £18 per person.

Monday to Friday lunchtimes our A La Carte Menu is supplemented by a Set Price Menu at £26 for 2 courses with coffee, or £32 for 3 courses.

Sunday lunch in the restaurant is a fixed-price menu at £29.50 for 2 courses, £36 for 3. (6 choices at each course).

Sunday evening has the option of a steak night menu at £26 for 2 courses, £32 for 3. A choice of 3 or more steaks included. There are also a few A La Carte options available as well.


Our bedrooms are open for bookings as usual, by telephone or on the website.

We offer a ‘Dinner, Bed and Breakfast’ rate (as well as ‘Bed and Breakfast’) every night. And booking a ‘DBB’ is one way to ensure you will get a reserved table somewhere, even if the restaurant is full!

Our meeting rooms are available to book, subject only to the government guidelines in place at the time.


We are taking bookings as usual. We (and you) will simply have to follow any government guidelines that are in place when the event takes place.